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Happy to serve you year-round with Lawrence roofing repair and exterior home maintenance

The great thing about Summit Roofing in Lawrence, Kansas is that our expert staff have been in the construction industry for decades. Consequently, we have the tools and know-how to handle most every issue at your home, especially your home’s exterior. Not only are we a licensed roofing company, we also offer exterior repair services. From house painting to fence repair, we do it all!

Why choose Summit Roofing & Exteriors

Summit Roofing has a lot of good things going on, including expert staff that has been in the construction industry for decades. Having such a wonderful staff on hand helps us deliver the best service to our customers. Our roofing experts know the ins and out of the roofing industry, and what it takes to provide top-quality roofing. When it comes to Lawrence, Kansas roof and exterior home repair, we know what we’re talking about!

As your home is likely your greatest asset, you undoubtedly have a strong desire to keep it in good shape. We live in an area prone to hail, strong wind and many other causes for roof repair. Lawrence, Kansas is home to wild storms and howling weather, as we all know. Regular maintenance on your roof can help detect potential problem areas before they turn into major disasters to your home. Pennies spent now means dollars saved later. From small gutter repairs to fixing drain pipes, and more, Summit Roofing is the roof repair choice for those looking for a job well done at a reasonable cost.

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Summit Roofing offers more than just roof repair in Lawrence, Kansas! We can also take care of many of the other exterior aspects of your house. Some of the exterior repair services we offer include house painting as well as fence repair.

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