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Damage Claims

At Summit, we can work with your insurance damage claims and repair the damage that has been done, whether it be shingles, siding, fence, or any other damaged exterior to your building.

Deck Repair

Whether your deck has been damaged due to inclement weather, wear and tear, or just accidents, we can fix any damage done to your deck.

Fascia Repair

If your fascia boards have been exposed to water or termites, we may be able to repair the parts that have become rotten and weak. If the fascia has been fully exposed, you may want to look into getting your fascia fully replaced.

Fence Repair

If any boards on your fence have been broken off, rotted, or cracked, we can repair the damage with new and strong support.

Gutter Cleaning

We recommend that your gutters be cleaned about twice a year, but sometimes you don’t get around to it for much longer than that, which is why we have seen it all, and also offer a chance to win a free gutter cleaning every month. Sign up below to win!

House Painting

Looking to get a new color for your house? Or maybe just a touch up? Contact us now to get your house’s exterior looking clean and fresh.

Metal Roofs

We offer metal roofing for a lightweight, time efficient installation, that can have your sturdy roof up and running in no time!

Power Washing

As time goes on, Kansas weather can bring lots of dirt with its windy days. That’s why we offer building power wash cleaning, so that you can get your building clean, and/or ready for a new paint job.


If you’re is missing shingles, or you’ve even got a hole in your roof; no matter the job, we are prepared to fix your roofing problems, so that you can keep the elements where they belong – outside.

Shake Roofs

A shake roof is a roof with shingles comprised of split logs. This gives a more cabin-like feel to a building, and can be a beautiful touch to your home.

Shingle Roofs

We offer shingled roofs, making a clean and brand new look that guarantees to keep out leaks and further damage to your house.

Siding Repair

When siding falls off, or is knocked off, we have the tools and skills to repair or replace it. Contact us to get your siding fixed!


Skylights are a popular option for bringing natural light into a home. Even a single skylight can transform a room, adding 30% more light than a window and bathing interiors with balanced, energy-saving light.

Soffit / Vent Repair / Replacement

Attic ventilation is very important in the Midwest where the summer humidity and winter dryness is overwhelming. The change in temperature requires a lot of movement in your attic, causing your attic to be susceptible to mold.

Good ventilation is needed and a ridge vent is a good solution to allow warm air to escape. The ridge vent uses mechanical fans, or side opening vents, to draw in cooler, denser air. Soffit vents, or eaves vents, on the underside roof overhang is also an easy way to add ventilation. The soffit vents allow cooler air to enter the attic through the lowest point and are often slotted or meshed to keep critters out. Maintenance to these vents could be required depending on the age of your home in order to reduce pesky animals from living in your attic, or mold to find a climate to grow.